Goodbye, Ka Roger

karoger He died last June 22, 2011 at age of 64. But the confirmation of his death came out only today.

In their website, the communist group today finally admitted the death of Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal after suffering a heart attack in a guerilla zone in Luzon.

Prior to this, military intelligence reports already revealed the fate of Ka Roger but the New People’s Army-Communist Party of the Philippines kept on denying such report.

The public announcement was delayed to allow the concerned organs of the CPP to inform Ka Roger’s daughters of their father’s demise. Intense military operations prevented information from reaching his daughters with dispatch. Ka Roger’s siblings have also been informed of his passing.

The entire communist group mourn Ka Roger’s death.

Even the Armed Forces of the Philippines sympathizes to the families of Ka Roger. In his text message, AFP Public Affairs Chief Lt. Col. Arnulfo Burgos said..

The AFP condole with the surviving family and relatives of Gregorio Rosal. It can be recalled that when the information about the lingering illness of Mr. Rosal reached the AFP, the leadership of the AFP immediately offered medical treatment upon his return to government fold. May his demise provide opportunities for enlightenment to some of our misguided brothers and sisters who continue to resort to armed struggle as a means to achieve their interests.

Also, in an interview, Southern Luzon Command Chief Lt. General Rolando Detabali said…

We condole with the family of Ka Roger. The AFP has long known of his lingering illness and even offered medical treatment had he surrendered. May his demise provide opportunities for enlightenment for many of our people that we have to unite to work for peace, prepare for calamities, save our environment and improve our quality of life through peaceful means and democratic means.

This author knew Ka Roger way back on his active participation as the CPP-NPA spokesman. He shared different views and idealisms on government and social issues but carefully kept away from influencing me.

My salute for Ka Roger, NOT because of his idealism of communism and armed struggle but he’s a good person like a father to me.

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  1. jess arguillas
    October 10, 2011 at 5:23 am

    mabuhay ka Ka Roger!

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