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Gays, Lesbians Enrollees Are Welcome In The Military Academy

The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) will accept gay and lesbian enrollees, provided that they follow rules and behave.

Captain Agnes Flores, PMA spokesperson, said they will not discriminate. There’s no ban on gays and lesbians.

Nevertheless, PMA can easily kick out cadets who will violate or abuse the rules. Those persons in the “third sex” can admit their sexual orientation in public, or even wear their favorite l’artisan fragrance, but not cross dressing.

“Definitely a gay cadet has to wear the uniform properly and with dignity…,” she added.

From this point, PMA graduates, who are soon to join the Armed Forces of the Philippines as officers, will no longer hide their true sexual orientation or wait until they have finished 4-years in the academy before making revelations.

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