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Former President Returns To VMMC Due To Leg Pain

Two days after she was freed from detention, former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Arroyo returned to Veterans’ Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) today.

But she was not in hospital arrest again, but to undergo physical therapy after experiencing leg pain.

The shooting pain in her leg is said to be an offshoot of her lumbar sacral spine problem.

“She is in fact a candidate for another surgery but after three traumatic surgeries she isn’t physically and emotionally ready for another surgery that’s why they prescribed conservative treatment first in the form of intensive physical therapy,” said Elena Bautista-Horn, spokesperson of Arroyo.

Arroyo left the VMMC after she was granted bail by the Pasay City Regional Trial Court, where she is being tried for electoral sabotage.

In the former President’s condition, wearing jobst compression stockings would not be enough to treat nor reduce her pain.

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