Elements of a Radio Program

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The main elements of a radio program are the presenter, the radio script, the producer, the audio technician, the advertisers and the sales team.


The ever present voice that guides the programming. In talk shows he acts as an interviewer, moderator in cases of debates with several guests or as narrator.

Depending on the type of program, the presenter can be the guide of the current programming, as in the case of radio stations, give voice to the news script in the case of news programs or be the one to indicate the songs that have been or are about to sound in musical programs.


Most programs have a specific topic in the assigned schedule. Whether it is telling the news or a sporting event, there is always an agenda to follow, which was prepared in advance to the transmission with the producer of the program.

Even in exclusively musical programs, the script is key in the production and in this case includes the list of songs that are going to sound.


The producer is the mastermind behind every show. In news programs it is who is in charge of coordinating the writing, in interview programs is who contacts the interviewees and has a plan B in case they fail, in music programs is who prepares the music that is going to sound, new material , etc.

Sometimes it is also the bridge between the broadcaster and the presenter and even it would not be rare for the producer to be presenter at the same time and vice versa.

Audio Technician

It is the person who is in charge of the controls, to put to sounding jingles and sound effects, commercial announcements, music and to level the audio of the microphones.

It is not surprising that the role of the audio technician falls into the hands of the presenter and / or producer, who depending on the program and budget could end up doing all three tasks.


In the case of broadcasters and not-for-profit programs, advertisers are non-existent, as happens on state, community or other stations with some other type of income, but generally advertisers are the main revenue source for programs and broadcasters .

After an agreement, they pay a weekly, monthly or per minute amount of money on the air so that their products and services are announced at one or several times in the program.

Sales team

In broadcasters or programs there is a whole sales team that sells and schedules paid ads.

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