Double Whammy

Four people were killed and 14 others injured when an “big bomb” went off inside a passenger bus travelling along Edsa in Makati City today.

Police said the bomb was so powerful that it created a hole on the Newman Gold Liner bus’ floor and body and also damaged its side windows.

The explosion occurred around 2 p.m. while the bus was approaching the loading bay near MRT Buendia railway station on Edsa’s northbound lane. However, police yet to determine what kind of bomb was used. Investigators also could not yet ascertain if it was a terrorist attack.

Philippine National Police Chief Director General Raul Bacalzo has placed the entire Metro Manila police force on full alert status.

I pray for those who perished and wounded on the incident. May the Lord help them to achieve immediate justice.

It was only November last year when the US, Australian, British, Canadian, French and New Zealand governments updated their travel advisories to the Philippines to warn that terrorist attacks were likely to occur soon. Some of the warnings specifically mentioned that an attack would occur in Metro Manila.

But President Benigno Aquino strongly criticized the advisories. The President stressed that the advisories were not based on firm intelligence. Now what? He is now saying that terrorists could be behind the explosion? And even assured the public that it will not happen again as he ordered all security agencies to intensify its campaign? Well, choosing between the angle of terrorism and destabilization, the President would likely prefer to float the first possibility. Why? Your guess is good as mine.

Another bomb, taxi operators were now allowed to charge higher fares to their passengers.However, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) reminds the public and taxi drivers that only properly calibrated taxi cabs which have meters that can issue receipts will be allowed to charge the higher P40 flag down rate.

Another P3.50 will be charged for every succeeding 300 meters.The LTFRB said taxis that have meters with yellow seals can charge the new rates. Commuters who have complaints against erring taxi drivers can call the agency’s hotline at 426-2515.

I don’t argue with the taxi fare increase. It was long overdue. However, what it needed to be assured of is the discipline of taxi drivers! Those who ask for unreasonable additional fare or what they called “kontrata” (contracted fare) should never go unpunished! Also, those drivers who carelessly chose passengers and the destinations!


  • Lainy

    Hi Divine. What a thought provoking post you've got in here. Ideal bureaucracy can never be attained in the Philippine setting. It's just too frustrating. I don't watch the news anymore. It's just the same old crap everyday. Sigh!

  • Gee of

    kawawa naman ang mga victims sa bombing na ito. bakit ba ang ibang taong walang magawa sa buhay, mandadamay pa ng mga inosente.

    anyway, i'm a new follower via GFC.

  • Xmas Dolly

    Hi! I'm your latest follower from Follow me back Tuesday! Nice to meet you. Wow, that's some Post you have there. Such news. Those poor people. God bless.

  • Dothy

    Grabe talaga yung mga bombings na yan, mga inosente nadadamay. About naman sa high taxi fares, sana yung mga taxi drivers hindi na mandaya kaso kahit me resibo na sila na pinepresent ganun pa rin, nandadaya. 

  • Anonymous

    sad to say that some people do not realize what they are doing. life is the most precious gift given to us by Him!

  • J Allyssa

    Nalulula ako sa bagong taxi rates, pero ang maganda lang hindi na masyadong malakas nanghingi ng dagdag ang drivers kasi wala na silang idadahilan. Sana lang kahit traffic hindi na sila totally magpadagdag. 

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