Devastating winds of typhoon Pedring

Super typhoon Pedring came in the Philippines, a day after the anniversary of another devastating storm Ondoy in 2009.

The two typhoons have different characteristics but weather experts cannot compare them. Ondoy has heavy rains that within few hours, it submerged most parts of Metro Manila. Pedring has lesser rainwater but have very strong winds which caused destructions especially dikes and seawall.

Some parts of the metropolitan which were not affected during Ondoy experienced the worst situation when Pedring hampered for almost more than a day.

 Typhoon Pedring in the Philippines

Typhoon Pedring in the PhilippinesTyphoon Pedring in the PhilippinesTyphoon Pedring in the Philippines   

Today, a team of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) headed by Chairman Francis Tolentino together with a representative from Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), inspected Malabon area and the earth dike which was destroyed by winds and waves.

Typhoon Pedring in the Philippines  Typhoon Pedring in the Philippines

About 400 meters of the dike was damaged and it would took months to finish the temporary solution which is sand bagging. But I learned that the dike project remained unfinished since it was started 8 years ago due to funding issues and alleged corruption of the previous heads of Public Works and Highways assigned in the area.

The dike problem caused residents in the nearby barangay to submerged in water. Good thing that there’s no reported casualty. However, another typhoon is coming and the people in the danger zone are encouraged to evacuate to a safer place.

At this early, prayers are overflowing for the incoming typhoons not to caused more destructions.


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