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Creating the Perfect Doughnut to Eat

When you walk into a bakery, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the delicious smells emanating from the oven and from the bakery case. All of the sugars, toppings, and frosting meld together to create a sight and a smell that is inviting.

When most people go to a bakery, they are looking for one thing and that is a doughnut. When they see trays of doughnuts being rolled out on bakery casters, their mouth begins to water.

So the question is, what does it take to make the perfect doughnut? First, it’s good to admit the fact that very rarely do you find a bad doughnut. In this sense, doughnuts are like brie cheese, even when they’re bad, they are still kind of good. Just ask yourself, when was the last time that you threw away a doughnut because it wasn’t good? You might bite into it, and it might be a little hard or it might not have the flavor or the texture that you want it to have, but it’s still good enough for you to finish the entire thing. Some people love glazed doughnuts, and other people cannot get enough of cake doughnuts. Some want their doughnuts to be filled with cream or fruit, and others love fritters. Still, all of these doughnuts should have a few traits in common.

First, the doughnut should smell sweet. When you put it up to your nose, the smell should invite you, make your mouth water, and make you just want to bite into it. Then, when you actually sink your teeth into the doughnut, it should have a sweet, yet slightly yeasty flavor. The doughnut should be sweet, even if it does not have frosting. A good doughnut does not need the frosting to make it good. The frosting is just something that is added for a little extra boost.

Talking about the frosting on a good doughnut, it’s not going to be overwhelmingly sweet. It’s also not going to leave a residue behind in your mouth. Instead, it’s going to work with the doughnut to enhance its flavor.

Lastly, a good doughnut is something that you can eat without anything else. Yes, it’s fun to have a freezing cold glass of milk or a steaming hot cup of coffee as you are eating your doughnut, but it should not be necessary. The perfect doughnut is designed to stand on its own.

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