Common Qualities of Successful Ghostwriters

Choosing an author to help you author a book is closer to dating than establishing a professional relationship. You need to work with someone who can make a connection with you in order to translate your thoughts and ideas to words that match your personal style.

It’s important that you do research and ask tough questions before you hire a ghostwriter from a site such as Write Wisdom. Here are some of the qualities you should expect to find in a quality ghostwriter:

Experience With Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is a very specific skill. An author needs to not only have a grasp of the writing skills but also needs to be able to turn their client’s experiences into compelling stories. Ghostwriters need to be part storytellers, part journalists and (perhaps) part psychologists. Authors with a successful track record of ghostwriting books with other clients have done this before and know the steps needed to turn a client’s life story into a thoughtful story. This isn’t to say that a strong writer with limited ghostwriting experience can’t be the perfect choice for you – you’ll just need to do more research to make sure they are the right fit.

Ability to Meet Deadlines

One of the main reasons to hire a ghostwriter is to make sure that your story is told in a timely fashion. Many people realize that they need the help of an outside author only after attempting to write a memoir and struggling to get started. The last thing you need is a ghostwriter to start working with you and struggle to finish your book as well. Look for authors who have taken on large projects in the past and delivered quality results while meeting tight deadlines.

A Plan of Action

People who want to tell their story but aren’t writers often get tripped up because they don’t know how to develop a plan for writing and completing their book. A professional writer should be able to take your story and come up with a detailed outline before they start writing. They will also know how to prepare the technical elements of your arrangement including finalizing a contract and establishing how to deal with rewrites.

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