Chief Justice Renato Corona’s SAL-N

Read for yourself and judge if Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona’s assets indeed questionably ballooned when he became the chief magistrate.

Click Corona SALN  to view the documents.

It shows that Corona’s net worth jumped from P14 million in 2002 to P22 in 2010. He allegedly undervalued the declaration of property at La Vista in Quezon City (P3 million from P16million); Bellagio penthouse in Taguig City (P6.8 million from P14.5 million); a unit in Ridge, Taguig City (P2.3 million from P9 million); Burgundy condo in Quezon City (P921,000 from P2.5 million); and Columns condominium in Makati City (P1.2 million from P3.5 million).

The public is waiting for the prosecution to prove that there is a non-disclosure of SALN’s. But first, solons and private lawyers need to study their strategies well. It is frustrating to watch them become a laughing stock, especially with their fellow legal luminaries because of going to a court battle unprepared.

By the way, what is the purpose of presenting evidence about ill-gotten wealth? Technically, the Article of Impeachment 2 is about the non-disclosure of the Chief Justice’s SALNs. If it is true that such documents were hidden in public, then all of the justices should be impeached because they have the same policy about filing it to the Clerk of Court only.

The impeachment trial is dragging with no bombshell or should I say boring?

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