Business Interests Over Consumers’ Protection

Soon, the price of  every 11-kilogram tank of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the market will reach P1,000 mark. Since the start of the year, LPG prices increased monthly by P100 to P150 per tank.

And with the coming weeks, series of oil price hike are also expected.

Big oil companies and independent manufacturers pointed it to the movement of international market price of LPG.

It has always been their excuse. Even if they are currently selling old stocks, they still implemented price hike. Unfortunately, the government cannot do anything to stop the increase which makes ordinary Filipinos bleed.

Even Congress is apparently inutile in saving consumers from profit raking mechanisms of some businessmen. Oil deregulation law does no good for agonizing consumers. And the move to repeal the law or at least amend is unlikely because business interests hinder the protection that consumers need.

A partylist group was elected in Congress with an aim to help consumers. LPGMA thus stated…

Its principal advocacy is protection of the right of the ordinary consumer to have access to reasonably-priced LPG and, also, to exercise their freedom to choose to buy any brand of LPG that is available in the market.  LPG is such an important commodity that affects a great number of the Filipino population.  Consumers need to elect representatives to Congress to protect their interest.

Their goal is apparently unrealistic from what most Filipinos are suffering now. False hopes. Did voters made a wrong decision to elect a group LPG businessmen in Congress? Did they really help in crafting legislations to put an end on the abuse of the oil companies?

LPGMA may have a noble cause in pushing to have a seat in Congress. But until now, nothing has been achieved but more and more burdens for struggling public. Of course, other legislators are also to be blame because they gave priority to own political agendas rather giving their shares to uplift the lives of Filipino families.

Okay, let us stop the blame game, but what can we do to prevent oil price hikes? Many Filipinos do their part in conserving energy but did the government and legislators accomplished theirs?

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