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Boxing Is Deadly But….

An amateur boxer like me will always be inspired by great boxing icons. Constantly hungry of new moves and strategies to win. That is despite the fact that tragedy can happen like head trauma which sometimes could lead to death.

Today I visited Karlo Maquinto, 21 years old, who is currently in the intensive care unit of a private hospital in Quezon City. He is a young boxer with good professional record of 8 wins, no loose and 1 draw.

Maquinto is now in comatose because of subdural hematoma after he had a fight with another young boxer Mark Joseph Costa last Saturday. They are the undercard fight in Dodie Boy Penalosa, Jr.’s bout with a Thailand top contender. That fight was a draw and after announcing the result of the fight, Maquinto lost consciousness.

The family of Maquinto remain optimistic and hopeful that miracle can happen although they have decided not to undergo the young boxer in any operation.

UPDATE: Karl Maquinto died after a week of being comatose. Our deepest condolences to the families of Karl.

Another Filipino boxer Z Gorres was also comatose in 2009 after he won the fight in Las Vegas.

Neuro-surgeon Gerardo Legazpi said, head trauma is a common inquiry to all boxers. He said Maquinto may not have received a strong punch but the repeated small nudges in the brain could resulted to a great injury.

Nevertheless, Dr. Legazpi said trauma could be prevented if the doctor in the fighting area knew when to halt the game.

Some of the symptoms that must signal the end of the fight are:

1. The boxer is unable to describe where he is.

2. He cannot make an eye to eye contact.

3. He is obviously groggy.

Boxing can really be deadly. But many would still love the game which makes Filipinos proud as the Philippines became known to the world as nest of great talents.


  • Bertha Brown

    Great article I love watching boxing. It is just crazy how it can result to head injury with all of the hits to the head. Visiting from the alexa drop hop.

  • Diva Fabulosa

    It was a sad news , it is an unexpected death. Just don’t get the point who’s fault it is? Knowing you’re son/husband/father is a boxer, circumstances like this is to expect and that’s the very sad part .

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