Arroyo’s Arrest: A Political Vendetta

It happened so fast. Both camps are like racing in a track and field. Who won and has the last laugh? Of course, the one who’s more powerful.

As the Philippine government tried to stop former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Arroyo from leaving the country, the latter also used all legal means to get her way out.

Unfortunately, Arroyo’s camp may not be that fast enough or they failed to anticipate what the government can do. Otherwise, they did not expect how the Aquino administration would overly reacted.

What happened to Mrs. Arroyo marked another history in the Philippines. A classical example of a political vendetta? Or worst, a paranoia.

arroyo in jail

Double standard of justice

It’s a wooh! A lower court acted so fast on the electoral complaint against the former leader.After the case was filed, in just few hours, the court judge already found out a probable cause to prosecute Arroyo! Amazing justice system!

If only all judges in the Philippines would act fast like that on the huge volume of pending court cases, maybe the criminality rate in the country will decrease.

“Aquino express” and beyond

Would everyone agree that there’s no railroading in what happened to Arroyo? Obviously, if the State defies the Constitution and even the highest court in the land, someone is abusing its power.

Mrs. Arroyo may have truly violated laws of the land but she still has all the rights as a Filipino citizen and a legislator. She’s still presumed innocent unless proven otherwise.

Is the Aquino administration really after Arroyo or is there something that they want to cover up?

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