Are Taxes Really Working For The Citizens?

If I answer this is in the affirmative, many will say that it’s pure rubbish.  And many people believed that the taxes we pay merely find their way into the pockets of powers-that-be and are used to fund their luxuries.  Unfortunately, there is a little bit of truth to this and former government officials charged with graft and corruption furnished enough proof of this.

This is one of the primary excuses of those who refused to pay their income taxes.  They assert that they do not see their taxes working for them and are therefore not wont to pay for them.  This does not necessarily ring true as taxes, although just a little fraction of it, do fund government services.  Have you seen street sweepers along the city roads?  How many public schools do you pass by on the way to work?  How many roads do you drive through for that matter? These are where the taxes that you pay go to.

Of course, there’s still much to be said about the quality of government services.  We’d like to have more schools built to provide quality education, more hospitals to aid those in need of medical assistance, better infrastructures, and, generally, improved public services.   And this is why reforms are being instituted by various government agencies, including the Bureau of Internal Revenue, that proper taxes are collected and that these are used to provide for the needs of the citizens. 

Before you buy yourself a couple of tungsten rings, make sure that you have filed and paid for appropriate income taxes.  The government may not be without corrupt officials, but that’s really no reason why you shouldn’t do your duty as a citizen.  There’s no sense finger-pointing when the finger should be pointing at you.

And by the way, the April deadline for paying your due is nearing. Don’t be late. Do you responsibility.


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