Anti-Epal bill: Will It Be Another Dead on Arrival Proposal?

Government projects are funded with tax payers’ money. But in the Philippines, many politicians took credits of it. Even the construction of a sewerage cover, politicians shamelessly put their names on top of it.

(To politicians: People don’t owe you government projects)

See how politicians smile big on those billboards announcing the government project? Well, some of the pictures took years ago or not even their real or current appearance!

Many must be glad and hoping that a proposed bill which is a version of what the man in the street would call and “anti-epal” was filed in the Senate. It aims to stop politicians or bureaucrats from claiming the credit of projects built with public funds.

Senate Bill No. 1967 or Anti-Signage of Public Works Act by Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago (see full text of the bill) is expected to raise eyebrows from some politicians. At this early, others feared that it will not be passed in Congress and would went to archives just like most of great legislative proposals.

It is an open knowledge and with the dirty practice of some public officials, they are using government projects not just to rake millions for their own pockets but also to make their image look humbly good to their constituents.

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