Anti-Crime Measures That You Should Know

As the holiday season is approaching, the crime rate is increasing. The intensified police visibility can help to deter crimes but it doesn’t mean the public should rely on the authorities alone.

Awareness and alertness are necessarily to avoid unnecessary loosing lives. If your instinct tells you that the man at the side of a lady seating in font of you is a suspected hold-upper, would you just turn blind? Or you will think of a safer way to alert your co-passengers?

Recently, an incident of jeepney hold-up was foiled by the police marshals. The armed suspect was instantly killed before it hurt the passengers. The area where the incident happened was prone to such crime and there have been previous victims.

A lone suspect was instantly killed by police marshals after trying to held-up the jeepney passengers.

In another incident, a couple, while onboard of their vehicle, were held-up by a riding-in-tandem after they withdrew a huge amount of money from the bank. The two suspects were arrested after trying to evade a checkpoint.

The couple recounting the held-up incident in a press conference.

According to PNP Chief Director General Nicanor A Bartolome, motorcycle riding criminals are notorious serial offenders. Arrested riding in tandem criminals were found to be involved in such street crimes as robbery hold up, carnapping or even murder.

Everyday, crimes against people occur. You will never know if you’re the next victim or other innocent persons.

It is only imperative for everybody to take extra precautions. Aside from the continuous police operations, the public are encouraged to participate in the effort by being vigilant and alert at all times in their respective community.

Consider the following precautionary measures:

1. Know your neighbors. Not necessarily to know all about their personal lives but at least check their background and be friendly.

2. Make sure you have a list of emergency and police numbers nearby your area of residence.

3. If you must all leave the house, be sure to lock door and gates.

4. Invest on buying an alarm system and closed-circuit television cameras.

5. Do not bring too many valuables when commuting at night.

6. When riding a public transport, be alert and  aware of people around you.

7. Keep in mind what you have to do when a crime happens. Stay focus and don’t panic.


  • Karen Hand

    Your tips for safety are excellent. Another tip, if I may suggest, is that you travel with a buddy of some sort, especially at this time of year. Always be aware of your surroundings.

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