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A Call For Proper Pet Care

Around 9 million households currently own at least one pet at home and the numbers are increasing yearly.

The good news are: There’s what you called pet humanization and the flourishing pet-friendly establishments. Also, there’s an increasing appreciation for health & wellness for pets.

However, study revealed that 99% of pet owners still feed leftovers or table scraps as it is more economical and avoids wastage.

Pet ownership trends

Researches noted that more Filipinos are looking for animal companions and there are initiatives from the non-government animal organizations to promote adoption of homeless and non-purebred felines, dogs or rabbits in the country.

But due to limited disposable income of most Filipinos, feeding pets with table scraps remains a common practice, more prevalent in provincial and rural areas.

Proper care needed

As pet owners increase, so should awareness on proper pet care.

Pets can live long and healthy, and pet owners need to understand the role they need to play to provide proper care of their animal companions.

Pillars of responsible pet ownership

1. Regular veterinary care. Veterinarians are highly trained doctors who are qualified to examine pets, treat illness, and answer questions on pet care. Experts at preventive medicine, veterinarians also are expert diagnosticians. The veterinarian will check the pet for worms, give necessary inoculations, make certain the pet is healthy, and advise on future veterinary care such as checkups.

2. Proper nutrition and diet for pets. Veterinarians and animal nutritionists agree that table scraps are not balanced meals for pets and are deficient in nutrients. Adding scraps to a balanced diet often adds extra calories which are can be detrimental to your pet’s health. Wide assortment of commercial pet foods fully formulated for all stages of pet growth to provide a well-balanced diet for pets.

3. Pet house. Not necessarily expensive but would guarantee their protection against too much heat or rain.

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