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3 Cool Old Acts You Can Hire Today

There was a magic about how media used to be consumed and created.  The swaying voices of classic singers, the atmosphere of dedicated stage performers, and the warmth of nostalgia that can soak bone-deep all hit a visceral part of our minds.  The past doesn’t have to be left behind on old vinyl records and grainy video-; there are incredible live performers even today who can wow and astound any crowd.

Here are the three types of acts you should hire if you want to bring a little class and classic intrigue to any gathering.

Classic Lounge Singer

Whether they’re sweet serenading like Tommy Tutone or punching out sharp notes that make your heart race: something is fantastic about a singer who can make the classics their own.  When looking for a singer to bring out the oldies, consider which songs you like best!  Which era of music appeals to you?  If you can hone in on one age, then work further to pick an artist or group you enjoy.  You’re not here to hire a cover artist, so the goal isn’t to be to sound one hundred percent like the originals, but you’ll be supporting a singer bringing back the warm magic of days long gone.

Illusionist and Escape Artist

Although the art of illusion made a massive comeback in the 90s and early 2000s, nothing can compare to the illusionists and escape artists of the early 1900s.  Houdini was at the peak of popularity; people were eager to watch something magical and unworldly distract them from wars and the great depression.  Because of how tumultuous this era was, the imprint it made on magic, illusions, and escape art is hard to forget.

If you want to bring back some of that visual magic for your modern party, look for an artist specializing in a classic performance.  There is a magicians guild that you can search through, but don’t be afraid to give an unknown illusionist a chance!  They may hold the secret to bringing up a lot of nostalgia.

Elvis And Monroe Themselves

Although there’s no way to bring back Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, you can get back some of their magic and dynamic performances through impersonators.  Elvis impersonators themselves are some of the most well known and well-documented impersonators of all time.  Endless competitions have been held every year since the 1950s, and they’ve kept his legacy alive long since his passing.  A modern impersonator works hard to copy his signature style and smile and his incredible voice and great charisma.

Marilyn Monroe has balanced thinly on the line between infamy and fame for the last sixty years since she passed, and it doesn’t seem like history will decide on her yet.  Her impersonators, on the other hand, are almost always incredibly good.  Donning everything from her classic white dress to her lesser-known yet still iconic other clothing: they can bring class and cheer to any gathering.  Why search to get back to the past when she can walk right into your party?

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