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  • Bad Customer Service,  Standpoint

    Mr. Ube News: Not The @TXTFIRE Alert Service Provider That You’re Looking For

    Be careful on what you’re subscribing to. My line of work obliged me to be updated on what’s happening around Metro Manila, especially FIRE incidents. So when I learned about TXTFIRE Philippines, I immediately subscribed my mobile number for fire alerts. But in more than two years now, not once I received any fire alert. What I got were all news updates and quotes! It was delivered by Mr. Ube. WORST, I received mostly advertisements! And they send alerts even in an unholy hour! The time when you’re trying to sleep then your phone alerted you a text message, and when you read it, they are all quotes! I remember…

  • Reviews

    The Importance of Getting a Degree in Communications

    Obtaining a degree in Communications can provide students with a wide range of different job opportunities. From business management and advertising specialists to print journalists and publicity managers, communication practices are used in many different job fields. This academic field relates to the ways in which individuals are able to communicate. This could be through both verbal and nonverbal communication techniques. When students opt to further their education and career with a Master Degree in Communications, they are able to learn how people use messages to generate different meanings through different contexts, cultures and channels. They are able to use problem-solving techniques based around research and common communication practices. Those…

  • Business & Features

    The Importance of Good Commercial Signage

    Your business’s sign is the most important marketing tool you have. A sign attracts attention, lets people know they are in the right place, and leaves a visual impression with clients and customers. When it comes to your businesses marketing budget, you may want to put signage at the top of the list. There are a number of components to putting up new or replacing existing signs. Beginning with the design, you will want to be sure you have experts who are familiar with commercial signs. These professionals know what works and can help guide you through the process of creating your signs. Whether you have the details of what…

  • News & Current Events,  Security & Safety

    Philippine National Police’s New Uniform

    Today, the PNP Command Group lead the field testing of their new uniform at Camp Crame, Quezon City. The new uniform has a lighter color and less pockets than previous one. And I am not sure if it looks better. The organization may change their uniforms as often as they want, but that’s not the kind of change that people need. True reforms in the ranks of our policemen is what Filipinos hoping for. Don’t tell us that it will start from changing their uniform? Photo courtesy: PNP PIO

  • Environment

    They Never Saw It Coming

    It’s a no new story to many of us. Accidents happened almost everyday. But the question is, are we taking precautions? You don’t like to be the next victim, right? This less than 2-minute video ad is another innovative way of sending a message to everyone – Eyes On The Road. Haven’t experienced such a high-tech commercial gimmick but hopefully somehow people would take it seriously. Watch this video ad which already gathered more than a million views.