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  • Economy,  News & Current Events

    Filipinos’ High Hope On 2011

    About 93% of Filipinos are hopeful of the coming New Year, said Social Weather Stations (SWS). Whew, that’s big. The figure is a little higher from 2009’s 89% and just two points off the 95% peak hit in December 2002. Seven percent of the respondents feared the coming year, but it’s down from 11% in 2009. SWS also noted that the lowest point of 81% was recorded in 2004 after which hopefulness rebounded to 85% the following year, stayed flat at 91-92% for the next three years and then fell to 89% last year. The question about people’s hope on New Year’s was originated in Germany. But the optimism among…

  • Standpoint

    Philippines’ New Banknotes: Self-Serving?

    Last week, Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), under President Noynoy Aquino’s regime presented the new generation of Philippine banknotes. Honestly, I like the designs and the use of RP tourists attractions pictures at the back of a peso bill. Except that it more look like a play money to me. But then again, why only change the banknotes now? And I find it self-serving the inclusion of Mrs. Corazon Aquino on 500 peso bill. I wonder what is the basis of BSP on choosing personalities to be published on our peso bill. Well, the Aquino couple have their best smile on the picture…Is it because that their son is the…

  • Bad Customer Service,  Standpoint

    I Regret Subscribing To PLDT

    I thought Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT Co.) already changed its daunting system. I was wrong. I applied for PLDT Bundle 990 which includes landline and myDSL internet connection, with a monthly fee of P990. After I paid an initial P1600, they immediately carried out the installation last December 8, 2010. However, only the landline service has been activated on that day. The technician promised me to complete the activation of myDSL as soon as possible. But it’s already December 15, 2010, yet I still have no internet connection. And I don’t know how long would I wait. Everyday, I called up their hotlines 171, 172 and 173 for…